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Cole and Heather Wedding Villa Carlota and Cinnamon Bay St John

Written By: Ashley Armitage - Jun• 12•14

Cole and Heather


Villa Carlota and Cinnamon Bay St John

April 19, 2014


AMA0069714 AMA0079847






AMA0019983 AMA0012


AMA0019683 AMA0129972










AMA0010502-2 AMA0020717




Ceremony:  Cinnamon Bay

Reception: Villa Carlota

Photography: Ashley Armitage

Videographer:  Steve Simonsen

Wedding Planner:  Katherine Steinborn

Catering:  Mathayom

Guitar:  Craig Kinslow

Violin:  Chris Robert

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Grant’s (Best Man’s Speech):

“… The most cherishable things on earth are thing you can’t purchase. 

It’s love, it’s integrity, it’s honesty, it’s respect

–  and  –

it’s also so fitting that two people with so much beauty in their hearts  are getting officially conjoined in a ceremonious manor

in a place that is also so beautiful as well (best man points out to the view) I don’t know if anyone has noticed those islands are pretty (laughter). 

Okay, I said I wasn’t going to cry…

I would like to raise a glass. (cheers)”


Jessica and Mark Happy Anniversary

Written By: Ashley Armitage - Jun• 06•14

Jessica and Mark

Happy Anniversary!

Today Jessica and Mark have been married for 4 years.  Also a shout out Happy Birthday to Jessica!

Jessica and Mark met in the Virgin Islands.

AMA0010003 AMA0030074







  AMA0110673 AMA0100515



AMA0161057 AMA0201425






Jessica and Mark have grown their family and now have the cutest boy, Eli!

Oops I deleted my files!

Written By: Ashley Armitage - Jun• 05•14

Oops I deleted my files! 

Has this ever happened to you?

I just received a text from a friend the other day:

My friend:  Hi Ashley.  Hope all is well!  I’m hoping you can answer a quick question. My friend took photos of our daughters dance recital and elted her card after she thought they all uploaded to her computer.  Oops.  Do you think that they are gone forever?  My husband thinks they could still be retrieved.

Me:  If she didn’t format the card there’s a possibility the images can be saved.  They can also still be in her computer trash [when she deleted the images].

My friend: Thanks!

I went on and told her briefly my process was hoping that she hasn’t formatted the card yet because most people do not.

The next day I received an updated text.

My friend:  She recovered all the deleted files from her SD card successfully!!!  Thank you sooo much for all your help!! 

Me:  That’s awesome!

TIP:  When you photograph whether it’s for professional or fun, it’s always important to back up your images.  Your camera could be misplaced, damaged, etc and the files could be gone.  When on vacation, use multiple cards if you aren’t able to back your images up during your time away.

PROCESS:  When you back your images up keep one set of files as the original.  Keep them on a separate drive.  The others set files you can edit.*  This way if something gets corrupted or deleted you have a back up.  After your back the images up, delete the images from your card to your computer’s trash.  Then empty the trash.  It’s not ready to eject.  Your card will still think the files are on it.  Next time you have the card in your camera, format it.  This makes sure the card is ready for the camera you are about to use, and it’s fully wiped.

NOTE:  I always check the images on the camera to make sure there’s nothing in case I grabbed a memory card that I haven’t backed up yet.  I know that if there aren’t any images I have back that card up.  Then I format.

This process is important – back up – delete – trash – eject – format.  It saves the lifespan of your card and you are able to use the full capacity of space for your next shoot.

TIP: Create a system that works best for you so you won’t miss any of the memories you can’t get back.  My system may not be the best for you.


Thankfully my friend was able to retrieve the images. [insert many smiley faces and fireworks]  So the moral of the story is don’t panic if you accidentally deleted your files.  There’s still hope if you haven’t formatted your card, or the images still can be in your computer’s trash.

Looking for a great card for your camera?  Hoodman is a great company I LOVE.  They are always on top of their game, and the speeds are incredible.  Cards do go bad eventually and they have a great customer service!  When you use cards as much as I do, they eventually will get tired like anything else we use over an over again.

Digital Media Card

You can purchase a Hoodman Memory card by going to there site

Have a question yourself?  Comment here and I’ll answer!

*JPG is a compressed file.  Every time you open and save that file to the exact same name you lose information (0′s and 1′s that make up that image in the file).  If you are editing the files always save to a new file name if you are working with a compressed files.  RAW images are not compressed files.

Welcoming Party Sirenusa St John Virgin Islands

Written By: Ashley Armitage - May• 04•14

Welcoming Party for Cole and Heather

Sirenusa St John Virgin Islands



AMA0019403 AMA0019406


AMA0019524 AMA0019538


AMA0019446 AMA0029449









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Cover of Wine Festival Guide 2014

Written By: Ashley Armitage - Mar• 15•14

This year as you are enjoying the fabulous wines during the Festival check out the cover!  Cover photographed by Ashley Armitage.  This is a great event and look forward to seeing everything enjoying the fine wines in Florida!

Wine Festival 2014 Cover

Sarasota Family Portrait

Written By: Ashley Armitage - Dec• 04•13

Family Portrait

Sarasota Florida

Family Portrait  New College University of South Florida Campus Sarasota Family AMA0028790 AMA0108828

AMA0079666 AMA0089674AMA0068819


AMA0039641 AMA0049643 AMA0098822

Carla and Jason Ritz-Carlton Sarasota Florida

Written By: Ashley Armitage - Nov• 13•13

Carla and Jason

November 9, 2013

Ritz-Carlton Sarasota Florida


Sarasota Florida Portrait Ceremony Ritz-Carlton Wedding AMA0028044


AMA0028857 AMA0033767


AMA0044018  AMA0064239


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In loving Memory of Lake

Written By: Ashley Armitage - Nov• 12•13

Two of my great friends Jen and Past lost a love one this morning.  Always Smiling and saying “Cheese” Lake today Lake will be smiling with Sadey, their other dog that has past, in Doggie Heaven.   XOXO Lake



Lake Golden retriever Dog Photography RIP Sarasota Florida Love Animals

Holiday Portrait Sarasota Clearwater Celebration

Written By: Ashley Armitage - Sep• 18•13

Holiday Portrait Sarasota Clearwater Celebration

The holiday season is around the corner.  The month of October is a perfect time to plan your family portrait session for holiday cards and gift portraits.   We now are offering a limited family mini session for the Sarasota / Tampa / Orlando area.  The mini sessions are available to book through the end of October.  The sessions will be photographed on Siesta Key Beach, Clearwater, and Celebration, Florida.


Our Holiday Mini Session Special includes:        $300 (a $490 value)
  • Thirty Minute Beach Session Fee, for up to 5 family members, one outfit
  • Custom 8×10 Artist Portrait of any image of your choice with digital copy file of that image
  • 25 Custom Designed Holiday Cards, specially designed by Ashley
  • Online Gallery One Year
Sessions are limited, book as soon as you can! 800-537-4813
Our Digital Mini Session Special includes:  $125 (a $750 value)  BEST VALUE
  • Thirty Minute Beach Session Fee, for up to 5 family members, one outfit
  • 20 High Res Digital Images

Sessions are limited, book as soon as you can! 800-537-4813

Deadline for all Holiday Orders December 2

Additional savings on extra orders are also available.

  • 10% off Family Albums
  • 20% off Gift Portraits
  • 30% off Wall Decor
  • $100 for digital gift print size files of all images



5 Best Boards for Brides to Create on Pinterest

Written By: Ashley Armitage - Sep• 13•13

5 Best Boards for Brides to create on Pinterest

Congratulations!  You just said YES!  Now what?   Immediately you call mom and dad (of course!) and friends.  Probably post something on Facebook (a photo of your ring). You’ll get a million likes!  (of course!)  And then off to Pinterest to make your Wedding Dream “private” boards public.

Before you get overwhelmed with every “OMG amazing idea” out there, here are 5 Boards to help you plan and communicate with your vendor team your Dream Wedding.

Board 1.  Combine all your wedding boards.   These are boards are full of ideas that you have been thinking of since you played with Barbies.  Right?   I know you have one (probably five), we all do.  Your boards may be even in your head.  I suggest that you consolidate these boards.  I promise it will make your life easier.   Create an “Everything Wedding” Board.

(to move pins aka images from board to board:  select the “pencil” icon at the bottom of the image when you enlarge it.  A drop down menu will appear with all your boards.  Select the board you want and save changes.)

Moving your images

Board 2.  Define your style.  Streamline and determine what style wedding you would like.  Do you want a Chic?  Country? Modern?  Caribbean?   Make this your “Style” Board.

Style Caribbean Wedding

Board 3.  Lock down your color palette.   There are great pins that will show you what colors are in for the season you will be getting married.   Pull dresses, flowers, candles, etc into this folder.   This is your  “Color” Palette Board.

Color Palette

If you are like me, you probably just pinned just about everything, but “everything” may not be right for you both.  So now let’s define your dream wedding so it’s about you two by making a 4th Board.

Board 4.  Make it you.  Although an image might be perfect for someone else, it doesn’t necessarily fit your style and personality as a couple.  In this folder, place images that describe, or brand, you both.  Call this board something that would describe the two of you.

From the 4 boards above, now lets make your package board.  The fun part!  Ok… it’s all fun, who am I kidding.

Board 5. Create the perfect wedding package with your boards.   This board is where you would pull the images that fit your style, your color scheme, and personality into one.   Talk this over with your vendor team*.    Using your boards can help you plan your schedule and location.  As a photographer,  I look at this as an advantage not as a hindrance to my creative style.  It allow me to see your vision, because most brides have never been married before and don’t understand logistics of the wedding day.

I look at the following:

  1. Lighting.  By scouting or knowing the venue I can foreshadow any obstacles (low lighting, high light) and assist and explain the best way to approach each shot you should like.
  2. Style.  Understanding your style and who you are as a couple comes to play in the photography coverage.  What is most important to you as a couple, and what is least important.
  3. Scheduling.   Is there enough time or too much time allotted that can help save money by reducing coverage.
  4. Post-Processing.  How staged and how much editing is involved to produce the desired shots.
  5. Time of Year.  Daylight and weather have a lot of influence.  Planning is key.
  6. Geographical Locations.   How many locations throughout the day, and background influences the amount of images and how everything is covered.

I’m definitely a dream-maker and looking at all of the above gives me a tool to assist you with a service to build the perfect photography package within your budget.

These boards don’t just give photographers the tool, but your florist may look to see whether or not your ideal flowers bloom that time of year (some destinations can not get flowers year round) and your wedding planner may help suggest what can be done by yourself, and what you may want to hire a professional to do.

Hopefully these 5 Boards will help you build your dream wedding, so it’s yours and unique!

I would love your feedback!  Please comment below!

Happy Pinning!


*coming soon!  a post on how to select the perfect wedding vendor team that is perfect for you!

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